Here are some great websites to see even more about Turkey. Happy surfing! Turkish Ministry of Culture - lots of useful information! "Turkey Welcomes You" This very extensive site has a wealth of knowledge about all things a visitor to Turkey would want to know. "Essential Travel Guide to Turkey" Sadberk Hanim Museum Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

The following are links focusing on Çatal Höyük: "Focus on the World" Online magazine - has several pages about Çatal Höyük - see numerous links at the bottom of the page Cambridge University team's site contains a synopsis of the new article about Çatal Höyük, and the pictures that go with the article. Scroll down and click on button to "Read Full Text" by downloading a pdf of the whole article by Michael Balter.

And be sure to look at: Rashid Ergener's web page KADIN/WOMAN 2000, A Turkish Journal for Women's Studies  My favorite Turkish cartoonist/artist

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