Print this form and return it TODAY to reserve a space on the AnaTours Total Solar Eclipse Tour.

To print this form on your printer, choose File in your browser menu and click on Print. A copy of this page will print on your printer. Fill out the information in the form and return it TODAY to
315 Crestview Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95050-6505
For questions or more information, call (408)246-7646.

or email


Yes, I want to join the March 2006 Eclipse Tour

Enclosed is my check in the amount of U.S. $1500 to reserve my space. I agree to the cancellation and payment terms detailed below.

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City, St., Zip: _____________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to AnaTours.

Send completed form to AnaTours, 315 Crestview Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95050-6505


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